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Sunday Journal



Of all things, fear is the worst thing.


Day 19


The blogging challenge is challenging but not impossible. It’s not impossible to find something to make a comment about for 30 days in a row. But today is only day 19. There is still time for me to drop the ball.

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On day 19, however, that’s not my concern. My concern is this – can I conquer the fear that constantly dogs me.

This blog, up ’til now, has been a place for me to put into words the thoughts that swirl in my mind and my observations about stuff that happens in our world. That’s it. I offer no expertise on any topic. I can’t help anybody lose 20 pounds in 10 days. I can’t help anybody get rich in 5 easy steps. I can’t help anybody get published. I can’t help anybody find inner peace through spiritual advice. I can’t wax poetic about anything political. All I do is share what I’m thinking. But it is with much trepidation every time I share.

Here, at day 19, I either have to get over this block, this fear of sharing what I’m thinking, or find another blog format. I’m a good cook. I could blog about food. I used to be a great gardener. I could blog about plants.

There was a time when I wasn’t scared of much. I’d launch into projects and projects would turn into businesses and all heck would break lose, in a good way, but I was never afraid. The only thing on the line then was money. I’ve never been afraid of losing money or any thing.

So what’s on the line now? When I was a youngster I must have been a hellion because my daddy would look at me in exasperation and say, “What will people think?”

Is that what I’m afraid of ? How do I get past the fear of what people will think about what I’m thinking?