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Inhale … Exhale, Repeat


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Happy Weekend …

Find your inner beach


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Yesterday’s post from my phone due to crummy wifi at a marina did not show up on my blog. I learn this as I have arrived at a better marina. But, why did my followers receive notification that I had posted?  One follower even commented!

I follow my own blog by email so I was able to retrieve a screen shot as proof that I blogged yesterday! I reckon I’m going to need a ruling by the Blogathon “committee.”





“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done – yesterday and tomorrow. Today is the day to do just about anything.”

The words of the Dalai Lama, framed on a plaque, were the first things I saw as I entered a home interiors shop today. I took a few liberties with the wording just now. But I like the gist of it.

I’m finishing up plans for a trip in a few weeks to California to see my son. Yesterday I began to think about accommodations. Thinking there could be some funkily awesome airbnb sites in LA, I started looking. Our son’s girlfriend gave me some guidance with geography because I’d like to be close to where they are. As I went through the links she sent it became clear that I’ve waited a little late. Everything in my price range is booked for the time I’ll be there! So, she sent me some more links. And this time she added a couple that were a wee bit beyond my price range – ‘just in case I wanted to look at them.’

Well, look I did, and wouldn’t you know it the first thing I saw is the cutest little bungalow on the beach. You can walk or bike everywhere. The perfect location. And it’s got just the right amount of LA funkiness that I was hoping for. But the price … shoot. My friend, Page, was helping me look through all the airbnb options and heard me whimpering about the price. “Look,” she said. “The difference is only going to be about $200. This place is perfect. YOLO. Book it!”

Huh? YOLO?

She looked at me as though I had crawled out of a cave. “Hello? You only live once?!”

Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that. I even have a “rest of my life” plan that pretty much jives with the YOLO philosophy. But for the immediate, the right now, the today … I admit I don’t do so great.

In the words of the Dalai Lama, there is only today; yesterday and tomorrow don’t count. In the words of my friend, YOLO!  With both of them ganging up on me, I caved – and booked the bungalow. Already glad I did! YOLO, y’all.