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This is Summer Camp?


While I wait for a ruling from the 2014 Blogathon committee regarding the snafu on Saturday’s post, I repost from something I wrote last summer …


My husband reads the Wall Street Journal in about an hour, most days. I peruse it in a nanosecond, most days. But when something catches my eye I settle in for some good content. Recently a blurb about a rite of passage, summer camp, caught my eye. “Parents scrutinize photos for clues.” I read on.

According to this article, many camps nowadays have a photo gallery where parents can log-in to watch their kids. Some parents even tell their kids ahead of time to give signals such as a thumbs-up when photographers are hovering so they’ll know their child is “alright.”  And if little Suzie wasn’t chosen to be the captain of the kickball team or is wearing the flip-flops of someone else, parents can send “polite” emails to counselors in order to rectify such situations. Some parents set their alarms for the middle of the night to check the…

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WordPress … So far I’m not feeling the love


… but it’s early yet.

It was a mutual decision between my husband and me – to quit talking and take action. Point of clarification needed right out of the gate … we’re still talking but we’ve agreed to take action in regard to all the talking.

He is a Presbyterian minister.

Our long-time chatter has been that he needs to assimilate all his writing, teaching and sermonizing into one place. A place where everything he has ever uttered can be archived for future reference.

A book maybe? (He’s got a couple of “Everything Series” books under his belt but we don’t count those because they have to do with auto repair and how-to-play golf and all he really did was interview experts and put their knowledge into readable format. Not much original thinking there.)
How could he carve out the time to write a book?
How would he choose a topic? Lord knows, after being in the church business for 30 years there are plenty of “topics” to choose from.
And then there is the all-important argument – Who would publish it? Unfortunately he’s been to enough snobby writers’ conferences that he is convinced that self-publishing is simply “not an option” and only losers self-publish.  Hello!! Welcome to the 21st century! Ever heard of an e-book? Even if we could get past this issue we would still have the issues of time and topic.

So, I learned about WordPress. Just enough to be dangerous.

It sounded like the perfect place to upload years of sermons and stories and teaching. There is even the option of uploading audio and video. Not to mention social media! Awesome! Now he can connect with his congregation and not just on Sunday mornings! An answer to prayer! (irony – haha)

Sure, its easy enough to set up. It’s affordable, initially. It’s easy to post a blog. But that’s about it. All that other cool stuff takes something called a “plug-in”.

Oh … no …

Want to upload a sermon? Takes a “plug-in”.
Want to socially connect with your congregation? Takes a “plug-in”
Want to configure content? Takes a “plug-in”
What in the world is a plug-in and how in the heck do you install it?

I found some dudes in Florida who offer help with the social plug-ins. They could get me up and running in no time! My preacher husband would be able to reach out to his congregation using social media! Woo-hoo! These guys have just helped me leap over a major hurdle! I’m so happy!
They started … I waited … they had some tech issues to solve … I waited … they keep me updated … they’re working on it … I continue to wait.

Yes, any non-geek can set up a WordPress site in 20 minutes or less. But that’s about the extent of it. I drank the kool-aide. And I’m still waiting.