At the End of the Day


Today is the final day of the blogging challenge. I am glad.

What I have learned from blogging for 30 consecutive days will not become clear until later. That’s my pattern. It takes a while for things to percolate in my brain before I can form conclusions.

The statistical data is immediately apparent, however. Out of the 30 posts in 30 days, my most read post was How To Be Thin.

I can wax poetic all day long about art, family, travel, God and any number of other topics, but at the end of the day, if I want readers … if I want friends and followers … I’ll write about how to be thin.

Thank you, FLX/WordCount 2014 Blogathon; there is much to think about.

full sails




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  1. Like you I’ve found it interesting what people responded to during this 30 days of blogging. It wasn’t the posts I thought were my best efforts. No it tends to be ones that I put the least into, but somehow were the best received. In fact, a blog I did on whether it’s better to write during the day or late at night got far more hits than any other. Not quite sure what that tells me about future posts however.

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