How To Be Thin


It’s a process. This is what has worked for me.

But first a little history …

When I was a little girl my mother shopped for me in the 6x department. I had been chubby from day one. My mother, petite and small boned, was quietly resigned to the fact that I would take after my father’s side of the family where all the women were … er … large. Not obese, by any means, just large. I never really knew I was chubby because my mother didn’t make an issue out of it. I guess I thought everyone had size 6x dresses … until my sweet little friends began to call me Fat Pat. From that moment I’ve experienced the painful yoyo-ing between fatness and thinness that seems to be a common thread for a lot of people. I tried the expensive Nutrisystem when my husband and I could least afford it. I tried Weight Watchers several times and have been truly impressed by the ingenuity of their ever-changing points system. None of that worked for me. Maybe it was because those programs placed food front and center – smack dab in front of my face, 24/7.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing steps I take for keeping the Fat Pat moniker at arms length. If the moniker is looming, I’ll implement several steps at once. If the moniker is in the distance, I’ll relax a bit. It’s a process, a step at a time … forwards, for the most part.

Week 1

1.  Throw away your scales. You have to do this. They lie. They will enslave you. Before we were enslaved to social media we were enslaved to our scales. Some of you still are. Break the chains! Toss the scales!

2.  With the exception of dried fruit and nuts, don’t eat anything out of a package.

That’s it for Week 1! Easy peazy! See you next week!

pat seated, by dawn plunkett




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  1. Okay. I am starting the Pat Program…so odd to read this since I’ve only ever know you as a slip of a thing! My scales stopped working anyway, corroded batteries, nothing…I’m on week 1 with you!

  2. Weight Watchers (the latest Points Plus system) has worked for my husband and me the last year and a half but it is a HUGE commitment of tracking, weighing, measuring, etc. – not for the faint of heart. I live in fear of gaining the weight back. And, although I don’t go to meetings anymore, I do a weekly weigh in. I find I do need the weekly weigh in because it does keep you “accountable” (if I can use that term. I look forward to your method, but it will still be with a scale in my bathroom. Maybe.

    • Congrats with the Weight Watchers success! Yes, we all need something to hold us accountable. For me it’s not the scales, it’s a pair of blue jeans. Thanks for sharing what works for you.

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