This is Summer Camp?


While I wait for a ruling from the 2014 Blogathon committee regarding the snafu on Saturday’s post, I repost from something I wrote last summer …


My husband reads the Wall Street Journal in about an hour, most days. I peruse it in a nanosecond, most days. But when something catches my eye I settle in for some good content. Recently a blurb about a rite of passage, summer camp, caught my eye. “Parents scrutinize photos for clues.” I read on.

According to this article, many camps nowadays have a photo gallery where parents can log-in to watch their kids. Some parents even tell their kids ahead of time to give signals such as a thumbs-up when photographers are hovering so they’ll know their child is “alright.”  And if little Suzie wasn’t chosen to be the captain of the kickball team or is wearing the flip-flops of someone else, parents can send “polite” emails to counselors in order to rectify such situations. Some parents set their alarms for the middle of the night to check the…

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