Life Gotcha Down? ReBoot!


My husband and I travel looking for adventure and romance. We usually find it.

Lorrie and I travel because we are daughters of the dirt. We have a deep connection to the earth, to terra firma. A connection that’s almost primal. Our journeys always end the same – we vow to package our experiences in such a way to encourage other women to come along with us the next time!

By the time we had returned from a trip to Catalina Island, we had, on paper, an outline of how to share “how we travel” with other women. We even named it – The ReBoot Camp. The purpose being to show women how to reboot their lives through self-discovery, fellowship with others and an intentional effort to get back to the earth, to terra firma.

For us, traveling is ReBooting. It defrags and reorganizes things in the head, gets rid of malicious viruses, revitalizes and infuses new possibilities into life via a clean slate.

Lorrie and I figured we should model The ReBoot Camp after a basic kids camp. After all, what’s better than campfires and canteen? So here’s what we came up with.

1. Craft time – enlist the help of a real artist and create something tangible to take home as a remembrance of a special trip.

2. Campfire – socialize with other women; forge bonds and create supportive friendships.

3. Naptime – spa! exfoliating dead skin and tired thoughts.

4. Canteen – happy hour!

5. Nature – examining the natural beauty of destinations – visiting gardens, walking beaches, rafting, ziplining – the possibilities are endless.

6. Mess hall – the food has to be 5 star; there’s just no way around that.

7. Journaling – self-examination and naming demons. The journal goes home with the camper or she can stomp on it and burn it in the campfire the last night of camp.

At the conclusion of camp, campers have honed their intuition, asserted their independence, collaborated with other women and have had boatloads of fun.

This, we know, is a great “camp” model. Lorrie and I always come home with perspectives that have been altered for the better. We have yet to figure out how to package and launch this camp. Until we do, I reckon we’ll continue on our adventures … just conducting research, of course.

Pat zippin'




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