Beach Therapy



I’m a South Carolina native and one thing all South Carolinian’s love is the beach. Maybe it’s because one third of the states’ borders run smack out into the ocean. From just about anywhere in the state a person can be “at the beach” in under five hours – max. I just returned from a trip to the beach and in a matter of days will turn right back around and head back. A matter of business took me to the coast the first time and a matter of having some fun will take me back. I’m convinced that in an earlier life I was a sea turtle because it’s just downright necessary that I return to the beach on a regular basis.

The low country of South Carolina is indeed a magical place, even on approach. As the rural roads flatten and straighten out and the terrain gets gritty, a girl’s blood pressure drops and she suddenly realizes she breathing more deeply. Upon arrival, inhaling that musky, marshy aroma purely particular to the low country makes her feel like she’s had a muscle relaxer or two.

The time spent at the beach will be fun and restorative, but just getting there is like a tonic.

beach shadow


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