Habitat Charlotte – newsletter     
      The life journey of Sonny Townsend reads like something out of a made-for-TV movie – the jaws of addiction jerking a young man from a stable, loving family and tossing him around like a chew toy until he’s thrown in a heap at death’s door. Four years ago Sonny was in that heap but made one last phone call.  The phone call put into motion a string of events that led him to Charlotte to beat the demon of addiction that had claimed his life for 33 years.  In Charlotte he found help and created his own network of health professionals, counselors and supporters.
      Today, Sonny is a walking, talking testimony of a life turned around by turning a life over to God.  He is a homeowner now, something he never dreamed of becoming when most of his nights were spent in an unventilated trailer in SC., surrounded by the debris of addiction.  Habitat Charlotte found an existing home for Sonny in the Windy Ridge neighborhood, northwest of Charlotte.  He worked side by side with Habitat contractors, cleaning, caulking and painting, before moving in on December 17, 2010.       
      He firmly believes sweat equity and Habitat training for home ownership are vital components of successful Habitat stories. 
      It’s easy to spot Sonny’s house when driving into his neighborhood; it’s the prettiest bungalow on the block.  A fenced backyard provides a perfect place for homegrown tomatoes; at the front door hot pink rose bushes great visitors.  The curb appeal of his home is a true reflection of the person who lives within.  Sonny has a sunny personality and a humble and grateful heart. He has been surrounded by people, friends now, who care about him.  He still finds his life story it a bit overwhelming, but he’s found perspective … and peace.

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