10 Day Challenge – A Look Back


I did it.
I challenged myself to pick a thing, anything … just something, and do it for 10 days in a row.
I picked cake.

In the middle of my 10 day challenge my mother called. She has a pattern – if I haven’t called her in 5 -7 business days she will call me.

“Just want to check in … see how y’all are doing … Daddy and I are fine …”
Then, “What have you been up to?”
She knows I’ve been up to something because I haven’t called her lately.

pause … “I’ve been baking pound cakes ”
silence … then, “Ok … why are you doing this?”

Rather than even begin to attempt to explain the search for my missing mojo to my 80 year old mother I tell her I’m taking them to shut-ins.

… pause … she’s thinking …

“Well, Pat, I just think that is so nice!”

Suddenly its a-ok that I haven’t called! I’m doing something worthy!
The cloud of guilt I felt suddenly parted and there appeared not only sunshine but a great big rainbow!! I can hear her explaining to my daddy, “She hasn’t “not called”. She’s been busy!”

She called again a couple of days later. “I just think it is so nice, Pat, that you are making those pound cakes for shut-ins.”

Truth be told, I don’t know many shut-ins. But I did bake pound cakes and I did give them away. I gave myself a challenge and I proved to be up to it.
And in the meantime it made my mother very happy.


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