Back in the Saddle


In an effort to get my mojo back …
I’m thinking about a 10 day challenge. Just to see if I can do one thing everyday for 10 days. I made a list of  possible “challenges”.
Below is my journal entry from yesterday.

10 Day Challenge
     pick a thing, do it everyday for 10 days
bake pound cake
put something on craig’s list 
knit scarves
take a youtube drawing lesson
walk, outside
ride my bike
read the Bible
listen to music
play the piano
pull weeds
take vitamins
copy a positive quotation into my journal
read an op-ed

I hope I decide to accept my own challenge; missing my mojo! 


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  1. I would recommend you do something that gets you outside of the house… I learned in one of my MBA classes that just taking a different route to work, stopping at a diffrent coffee shop, or somehow changing up your routine can work wonders on your "Mojo" as you say… it puts you in places to meet new people / have new experiences you otherwise wouldn't. Getting up early is another thing that always makes me feel better – accomplishing something for myself first thing in the morning makes the rest of my day feel more productive.

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