Thought I’d used up all my stupid !


     I was perfectly lucid when I dumped the white dinner napkins into the washing machine along with a couple of old reddish place mats. The place mats, left behind by my sister-in-law after Thanksgiving, looked so old and ratty and faded that I just knew they couldn’t possibly have any red dye left in them.  Thank you, God, that I didn’t dump in all the white, monogrammed dinner napkins.
     I’ve washed, bleached, re-washed and re-bleached … and am still left with that unmistakable pinky tint usually reserved for shamed underwear never to be worn except on those worst of days when there is nothing remotely clean left in the drawer.
     I’m working through the stages of stupid : 
1. Horror, shame, disgust – done.  
2. Making light of the situation – done.  After all, they are only napkins  – haha –  They are only pieces of fabric – lol – and it’s only linen – omg – and it’s only antique, hand-embroidered linen – ohmygawd !!
3. Trying to fix it – done. There’s no more bleach at the grocery store.  sigh …
4. Make sure it doesn’t happen again – done.  I shall retain the services of a laundress. 
5. Forget the deed and move forward – working on it.
    note to self:: Find a laundress, references required.


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