the law of large


as a mere bystander in this epic tale i have derived that 99% of becoming certified to sail a big boat involves “how to stay out of trouble”. 
hours and hours are spent on tedious things like water currents, channel markers (incredibly confusing); lights (red, green and/or white) – together, alone or combination – they all mean different things; depth gauges (very important); and all sorts of other stuff that, ignored, would make a nice little outing morph into a potential disaster. 
make that certain disaster.

and the last thing good capt will wants is a disaster on his boat! 
speaking of capt will, he is so cute, 27 years old, owns the charleston sailing school, employs several other captains to teach, (he fired the one that crashed his boat into the bridge) and maintains three boats, er sloops. he is also chief provision gatherer, laundress, mechanic, secretary, and carries many other titles that i cannot fathom (note nautical term).
yesterday as we came back in from a jaunt, the tide and current provided not-so-perfect conditions for parking this 44 footer into the slip at the marina.  capt will took over the wheel and the throttle and whipped this baby into the slip – in reverse.  meanwhile, our new neighbors in the adjacent slip were enjoying an evening beverage and watching the sun set.  later they were still wide-eyed at the sudden flurry of activity upon watching an approaching boat heading right toward them, backwards, but settling, ever so delicately into the slip.  we are in good hands.

i got to sail!!

soon-to-be-certifiable , oops, i mean certified

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