Pat, Rob and Captain Monty


It’s the day after Labor Day and I’m sitting on a 44 foot sailboat in the Charleston City Marina.
Rob is currently “in the classroom” taking a written test with Captain Monty  After he aces the written test he and Captain Monty will take a 35 foot boat out into the harbor / ocean and Rob will acquire the credentials that will send him further up the ladder to becoming a captain worthy of sailing this 44 footer on which I am atop.
note:  Russell, Captain Will’s worthy assistant just walked up – like I said, we’re docked at the marina.
Russell tells me that the last person who took out this 44 footer sailed it straight into the bridge of the James Island Connector and lopped off the really tall pole in the middle of the boat. * see photo of really tall pole in air *
note:  from this point further i will attempt to use the proper sailor lingo.
This person who had previously been certified, NOT by Captn Will, just sailed right under the bridge and as Russell says, “it just kind of folded in half”.
These masts are not cheap.  $25,000.00  Capt. Will has insurance but the deductible is huge.  Fortunately the person who crashed his boat – sloop – felt bad about it and paid the large sum.  So, it appears that Rob and I are the first folks to take out the sloop with the new mast.  Russell is here to make sure it’s attached properly before we head out to the big water.
note #3 think it make be a good idea to give Russell a little compensation, on the side.
Capt. Will just boarded the sloop.
Must see what he wants.
Over and out, for now.


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